SimpleGraph - Question(s) about MetaFiles...

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SimpleGraph - Question(s) about MetaFiles...

Postby TheEdge » July 3rd, 2006, 11:46 am


- If I save a SG with SaveAsMetafile() on machine A will all the fonts used within the SG need to be on Machine B if it is loaded there?

What I want to do is prepare a SG on Machine A and then transfer that to Machine B. On Machine B I will generate a PDF of the SG. What is the "best" way to do that using the SG save file formats supported assuming there is no resizing to be done of the SG once it reaches Machine B and that I want the SG to look exactly the same as it did on Machine A?

* Bitmap - No fonts to worry about. No quality degradation although file size will be large.
* Metafile?
* Custom File Format - Will require all fonts used to be on both machines?

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