Recent Component Updates (6-14 April)

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Recent Component Updates (6-14 April)

Postby Kambiz » April 14th, 2006, 3:56 pm

Recently I've updated some components.
Here are them:

  • TPicShow & TDBPicShow v4.0
    • The code is entirely reviewed and optimized. The new code is much faster than before, so that slide show of large images is possible now.
    • The visual effect of some transition styles are improved.
    • Two new transition styles are added (#151 and #152).
    • For compatibility with Delphi's TImage control, StretchFile property is renamed to Proportional. Also, its behavior is adapted to the proportional property the TImage control.
    • New FrameColor and FrameWidth properties are added.
    • For Delphi 4 and higher, all the Delphi controls' standard properties and events are added.
      New Properties: BevelEdges, BevelInner, BevelOuter, BevelKind, BevelWidth, BorderWidth, Constraints, DocSite, DragKind
      New Events: OnCanResize, OnConstrainedResize, OnDockDrop, OnDockOver, OnEndDock, OnStartDock, OnUnDock
    • The demo program is updated to slide show images in full screen mode. To start full screen mode, double click on the image.
  • TRotateImage v1.50
    • The rotation algorithm is optimized. For a 640x480 pixels bitmap the rotation algorithm is about 50% faster than before.
    • The drawing algorithm optimized.
    • Added new RotatePoints method.
    • Added new MaxSize, ImageRect, and ImageRgn properties as read-only.
  • TTextAnimator v1.41
    • The new OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events are added.
  • TTextFader v1.23
    • The new OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events are added.
  • TAnimateImage v1.01
    • The new OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events are added.
  • TGradient v2.60
    • Added BorderWidth and BorderColor properties.
    • Added OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.
    • The code of radial gradient styles were optimized.
  • TStatusBarPro v1.74
    • Fixed a bug in resizeing the control.
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