SimpleGraph 2.5 released!

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Postby kokkoras » March 28th, 2006, 2:14 pm

Kambiz wrote:
  • I also think having groups resolves your case. To be honest, while grouping is not implemented, I'm not happy about SimpleGraph.

Why that? Do you mean that you want grouping implemented to consider it ok? In overall I think is the best of it's kind. Adding grouping support and, maybe, undo/redo ability will just make it perfect. By the way, any idea on how to implement undo? Save all the data in temporary files? Store an action queue that enables the use of reverse commands :shock: ?

Kambiz wrote:
  • Converting save format of SimpleGraph to XML is another task should be done. SVG format is the best choice, but I think it's easier to have a private format and use RTTI to save published properties.

I am full of all these XML talk about everythink. Current format is fine. Besides, there are some binaries inside that prevent the use of pure text XML (i.e. images in nodes).

Kambiz wrote:
  • In Bézier curves for each point there are two control points. So, it's more or less like what you described.

Yes! the kind of staff that still puzzles me in drawing apps. I haven;t figure out after all those years on how these control points work. Well, at least I didn't try too much to. :roll:
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