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Postby kokkoras » February 22nd, 2006, 3:21 am

Adem wrote:I have a list of nodes that link to one another (say, a website map) and I'd like to use TSimpleGraph to generate (programmatically) the diagram to help me visualize it.

It would be beyond me to place each and every node on TSimpleGraph. I'd like TSimpleGraph to handle this if possoble.,

You should have your graph somehow represented on a file I guess. For each node red from that description you should create nodes and link them programmaticaly. You should read the help file and see what is available. It's not difficult at all!!!

Adem wrote:It would also be be beyond me to optimize (somehow) the positions of all the nodes according to link length (or whatever else). IOW, I am hoping (dreaming) that TSimpleGraph handles these issues for me.

Nop! You should define a policy for node placement. For small graphs or hierarchical graphs it's not difficult, but for large/huge graphs it quite tough.

Adem wrote:I went through the docs but could locate a starting point. Could someone help --a piece of code snippet would be most welcome :-)

use InsertNode to create nodes
use LinkNodes to link two nodes
use BoundsRect of node for positioning

read the documentation carefuly - it has all u need.

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