Rotation of Node in simplegraph

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Rotation of Node in simplegraph

Postby Mirage » December 26th, 2005, 8:08 am


How to make to turn Node of an angle of 90° or 180°.

Thank you in advance
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Postby elias » December 27th, 2005, 9:26 pm

It is something difficult, I think...
If you want just to change the body you could make a procedure TurnNode inside TGraphNode in order to change the coordinates of TWhateverNode. You could work hard in this line or use a more general procedure; (Maybe you could use the procedure RotatePoints (in { Helper Functions }) to rotate the vertex around the center(property)....
If you want to turn the background image too, I have to say you that I didn't find any method inside Tpicture to do it; you should write or find a function (I'm not sure but doesn't have Kambiz a component making that in Products...?
The text... Windows.DrawText doesnt have the option.
I don't know... Maybe you could turn both Text and Picture at once...
Hope it helps
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