Possible bug in TPrintPreview?

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Possible bug in TPrintPreview?

Postby joup » July 18th, 2005, 8:04 pm

I'm using the excellent TPrintpreview with Delphi 4 C/S for displaying Rich Text before I send it to the printer. I am writing a temporary .rtf-file which I read back and show in PrintPreview. The problem is that when the text exceeds 1 page and a new page is made, one line of text is dropped (Yes, it [b]is[-b] in the .rtf.file). No matter what size the canvasrectangle for printing is. I presume it is because the last textline on the first page is split when the page is rendered and therefore is abandoned when the second page is set up. Can the problem be cured?

Greetings from Stockholm!

Hi again!
I found the error. I was trying to show the preview in two panes and one of them was not defined. So when I toggled to the undefined pane the textline went into cyberspace. Im sorry, my mistake!!! javascript:emoticon(':oops:')
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