TDBPicShow 3.10 Bug ?Thanks.

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TDBPicShow 3.10 Bug ?Thanks.

Postby david12345 » March 31st, 2005, 7:59 am

I'm delphi 5 SP1 + Windows XP-SP1 User.
I Already Install 'TPicShow & TDBPicShow 3.1' Component On Delphi System.
I Also Used 'DBDemo' Program Included On Component Do The Test. All Success Compile On Delphi 5.
Not Any Problems On Windows XP.

But 'DBDemo' Program When Run On Win9x(98/ME), Load A
*.Jpg(1000*2000 Pixel) Picture (BMP File Not This Problem), Show Me A 'Memory Address' Error.
And The Database Data Also Corrupt.

I Also Do A Debug, But Can't To Fix It. Any Ideal To Fix It ?

And Also Please Try To Add More One Picture(*.JPG(1000*2000 Pixel),
On 'DBDemo' Program' On SameTime(1 By 1) With WindowsXP, That Also
Found A Database Corrupt Problem.

I Also Change A Borland Database Engine To Test ‘TDBPicShow', Same Has A Problem.

But, May be is my computer problem. anyhow, how can help. Thanks.
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