Printed resolution not working for me and other questions.

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Printed resolution not working for me and other questions.

Postby khovorka » October 8th, 2004, 5:14 pm


It was great to find the TPrintPreview component. It looks very good.

I have attempted to use it with varying degrees of success and with
other issues that perhaps someone here can help me figure out.

I am writing a genealogy programming for myself and have to have
large format page sizes. I have paper for a HP 500 Plotter and it
is 42 inches wide on a 150 foot roll.

I have printed a page that has a 42 inch width X 40 inch height.

The issue with the print is to much pixelation or perhaps TPrintPreview
can not determine the maximum resolution of the plotter which is
1200 dpi.

If I can get the text and lines to look crisp and clear I would be most
gratefule. I would appear that the resolution being used is less than 50 dpi.

Also It would be great if the page size could be greater the an integer
value of 32767. I really would love to plot to the whole 150 foot roll which
would be equal to a value of 172800.

Also, are there any plans for a zoom in and out using the mouse being
built into the component. I am also having some problems with zooming

Thanks for attention to these questions.
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Postby Kambiz » October 21st, 2004, 6:00 pm

Did you try to print when the FastPrint property is True? This may improve the print quality.

Regarding your second question, that's the Windows limitation. For your case, you can use mmLoEnglish (1/10") for the mapping mode (Units) to express the paper size.
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