I18N - PascalParser - StringCollectorTest.dproj

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I18N - PascalParser - StringCollectorTest.dproj

Postby Laurent » January 7th, 2021, 5:12 pm

Hi Kambiz,

First of all, I would like to wish you an happy new year for you and all your family.

Under your great I18N packages, I've found a very nice tool : Pascal Parser. I've tried your demo StringCollectorTest.dproj and everything works like a charm.
Now, I imagine to use your tool concerning my needs to collect all my resourstring definitions under my source codes because I need to translate them.
Do you have any tip to help me in this task ?
What I would like to obtain is something like that :

unit MyUnit;

{ Error Strings }
SInvalidPrinterOp = 'Operation not supported on selected printer';
SInvalidPrinter = 'Selected printer is not valid';
// Printer
SPrinterIndexError = 'Printer index out of range';
SDeviceOnPort = '%s on %s';



Try to get the comment inside the {} (ex. Error Strings) or after the // (ex. Printer) and the most important, the list of the resourcestring names (like SInvalidPrinterOp, etc...) and values (like 'Operation not supported on selected printer', etc...)

How can I do this task ?

Thank you for your answer and all the best to you.

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