wave audio package no micro connected

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wave audio package no micro connected

Postby grosswiesel » February 11th, 2015, 9:02 pm

moin !
i ´m new in programming with delphi
and try to use your wave audio package,
which is running very well ! compliments ! :-)

i have for myself a little problem encountered
and i hope that you can help me....

if i try to record a wave with a connected micro
all works fine. trying the same without a micro
i get a runtime error/exception named
"exception class EWaveAudioSysError".

how can i catch this exception and then show instead
a small window like "no micro connected" ?

thank´s a lot frank

p.s.: im not really firm in using a forum...
when i´m wrong please let me know :oops:

thanks a lot.
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