WaveAudio - 16K

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WaveAudio - 16K

Postby wmatte » February 3rd, 2013, 11:20 am

I need 16K 16 bit PCM audio.

Is it straight forward to just add:

TPCMSamplesPerSec = (ss8000Hz, ss11025Hz, ss16000Hz, ss22050Hz, ss44100Hz, ss48000Hz);
TPCMFormat = (nonePCM,
Mono8Bit8000Hz, Stereo8bit8000Hz, Mono16bit8000Hz, Stereo16bit8000Hz,
Mono8bit11025Hz, Stereo8bit11025Hz, Mono16bit11025Hz, Stereo16bit11025Hz,
Mono8bit16000Hz, Stereo8bit16000Hz, Mono16bit16000Hz, Stereo16bit16000Hz,
Mono8bit22050Hz, Stereo8bit22050Hz, Mono16bit22050Hz, Stereo16bit22050Hz,
Mono8bit44100Hz, Stereo8bit44100Hz, Mono16bit44100Hz, Stereo16bit44100Hz,
Mono8bit48000Hz, Stereo8bit48000Hz, Mono16bit48000Hz, Stereo16bit48000Hz);

Then update these procedures and functions:

procedure SetPCMAudioFormat
procedure SetPCMAudioFormatS
function GetPCMAudioFormat


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