Render Print preview page on demand

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Render Print preview page on demand

Postby egrobler » September 7th, 2010, 9:26 pm

Thank you for the wonderful print preview component.

I want to print a list of test questions and the list may contain 1000 pages.
Is it possible to add 1000 blank pages and then only render them when a thumbnail/preview is visible or the page needs to be printed?

Something like:
for i := 0 to PagesInTest-1 do PrintPreview.NewPage;
and then on demand something like:
PrintPreview.PaintWinControl(40,40, RenderTestPage(PageNo));

Thanks and Regards
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Re: Render Print preview page on demand

Postby Kambiz » September 18th, 2010, 3:50 pm

When user changes the current page the OnChange event occurs. You can use this event to fill the blank page with the actual content (Use BeginReplace method).
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