To all that can and want to help (SimpleGraph)

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To all that can and want to help (SimpleGraph)

Postby philipov » August 12th, 2010, 8:40 am

Hi all,
I know that almost everyone here is aware of the fact time is precious ... So I am facing to all that can help and have time to do that.
I found Kambiz SimpleGraph component very good and worthy. I need to add some more features to the components that are not so difficult to implement but actually I have lack of knowledge to do that (every try finish with errorr: read of adress $$$$.....) any way....
So I am asking, if someone is familiar with this component and can help me to send me a PM or to write to
The features I want to add are kind of:
Index number for objects that is unique and is added by the user;
List that dynamically controls that index and keeps the type of the object ;
Correct the possibility to remove point from Line is there are only two points (if you do this you have a line object but with only one point that is not true);
Other things.... I do not want to loose your time now....

So, I appreciate every help you give me....
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