FindFile Component demo: minor suggestion

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FindFile Component demo: minor suggestion

Postby spriditis » March 18th, 2010, 11:22 am

First, thanks for this great component. So far everything seems to be working ok.
Some suggestion for FFDemo.dpr (latest - version 4.10, February 6, 2010):

1. Add Locate file in Explorer to file popup menu:
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ShellExecute(0, 'Open', 'Explorer.exe', PChar('/n,/select,"' + SubItems[0] + Caption + '"'), nil, SW_NORMAL);
This will open that file's folder and automatically sellect it in windows explorer - usefull if directory contains hundreds of files. ;)

2. In PageControl (Date & Time) -> PageControl1
     a) change TabPosition form tpLeft to tpTop
     b) or Increase TabPosition.Height
Because now Created is on one tab line and Modified and Accessed on another ----> clicking on tabs, switches their position - very annoying :oops:
That way they will be stacionary on the same line and will no change place.. :wink:

//3. Font - default is Arial, but Tahoma seems like better choice (but this might be personal choice). :-^
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Re: FindFile Component demo: minor suggestion

Postby Kambiz » March 20th, 2010, 12:30 am

Your suggestions all are accepted, and will be available in the next update of the component.

Thank you so much!
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