Why bothering?

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Why bothering?

Postby Kambiz » November 7th, 2003, 1:02 am

Could somebody please tell mean what's the goal of the open source and freeware software?

Every single day I receive strange emails that I don't know how I should answer to them. The following conversation is one of such emails. It's old, but it is very odd also. Besides misunderastanding of the thread meaning, the guy is trying to fade a solid black image on the black screen. :roll:


I've found some problems you might want to investigate.
1)..When picshow is Threaded, it doesn't display the style, it just dumps it to the screen in one jump. When picshow is Not threaded, everything works great. There's still something wrong when it's Threaded. The Priority is set to Normal.

2)..When using pictures like the attached black image, these fades don't work with this image: 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34, 48 (and maybe others).

Using Version 2.62 of picshow
on Delphi 5 Prof.
500 meg of RAM
933 PIII


Hi ***,

1) Have you tested the sample applications, which are shipped with the component? I am sure they work because I have tested the component on D3, D4, D5, and D6 on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP. Anyway, could you please send me a sample code with the problem?

2) What do you expect to see with a black image on PicShow with the specified transitions? It is not a bug. Try to put a dot on the black image to see what I mean.



1)..Yes, but those are full-color images, not 1 or 2 color images like the
black one. Did you test it with the black one? Didn't think so.
Some "sample" code is below.

2)..Yes, it is a bug. Did you try it? Didn't think so. Believe me, I've been working on these workarounds for over a week now.

Trying to code workarounds for everything I've found so far.

The reason I'm doing it is multiple reasons:

1)..Refer back to previous bug: your height/width is not correct for the loaded image.

2)..I want a slick way to fade OUT the previous image. You just haven't had much experience with screen savers, no problem, you'll learn. That is why I'm doing the black picture.

Sample code:
Code: Select all
       picshow.delay:= 100;
       picshow.AutoSize:= false;
       picshow.Picture:= black640480.Picture;
       while picshow.Progress<100 do
             if closing=true then break;

The source code is in your hands but you are not going to look at it. No problem, for the black image I describe the effect number 7 and for the other effects that you don't see a transition for them on the screen, the same is happening.

The Style No 7 copies N percent of width of the image (from the right side)into another bitmap and stretches the result bitmap on the control. The value of N is equal to Progress property. When the image is just one color, if you stretch 25% of width or 100% of it, the result is the same as the original image and you will not see a transaction on the screen. Anything wrong?

Your code is in conflict with definition of thread. If you want to wait for end of transaction in this way, you might not use threaded mode, otherwise you *MUST* use OnComplete event. Please look at the sample applications.

Let me know when it's fixed and I'll be glad to download it again.
Until then, I'll just build more work-around code to make it work.

The guy didn't stop and continued nagging. He believed that the older versions of PicShow used to show animated gifs as animated! :shock: I've never written code for animated gifs, I swear!

No, it DOES work in 2.5. I have a GIF comp. installed and picshow recognizes the gifs.

In 2.5, it showed the animated gif Animated. Your new version is buggy and does not show the animation. :(

This is the whole purpose of using your component. I can do hundreds of fades and hundreds of other languages and programs, but I need to display animated gifs, using a fade technique. Your 2.5 did this, but it had those unrelated bugs.

Your comp. is just too buggy. I tried it about a year ago and about a year before that and could never get it to work reliably.....as it doesn't now.

Please let me know when you work the bugs out of it because I have a strong need for it.

I've spent four days on work-arounds for your bugs, but I still can't get it to work. I need the

old version back now......if I can remember where I got it. :(

What could I answer? :?

I know there are lot of bugs in my codes. I'm someone like other people. I expect if somebody find a bug in my codes, send me the fix. I would appreciate it indead. But unfortunately lot of people just tell me there's a bug without giving any further information, and someones worse, begin to complain. We are all software developers, aren't we?

To be honest, I receive also some nice emails, which encourage me to keep going. I'd like to thank to all of such kind persons. 8)

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Yes Please Continue

Postby w2m » November 7th, 2003, 2:11 am


Yes, you do nice work. Please keep it going. For one I'd like to see you develop a print preview component specifically for images. Pass it one bitmap it prints perfectly as a single image with a selection rectangle (like rubberbanding) to adjust placement of the image on the page with the mouse. Second as you might guess, pass it a series of bitmaps and it automatically creates a series of thumbnails for collage printing with captions.

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Postby Behrooz » November 17th, 2003, 6:56 am

In the name of Allah

Hello dear Kambiz,
I hope you continue your good job and don't get dissapointed by recieving such emails.

I think writing freeware software is a mean to share our knowlege and facilities with others. Having power to reach new knowlege or facility makes us able to get free from hesitation and give what we have to others.

I cannot do anything by know except to thank you for your good work and hope more fair members in your forum.

Excuse me for I haven't done anything to help you but I'm still working on VCM and I hope soon I'll be able to give a component for working with it to you and others.

Excuse me again for my long post.

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