Some Improvements

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Some Improvements

Postby Kambiz » May 31st, 2007, 6:37 am

I installed the following phpBB MODs on the forum:

  • SmartFeed
    Provides RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0 customized newsfeeds of posts. To access it, click on Image icon. The icon is on bottom right corner of the index page.
  • Quick Reply
    Below of each topic you will see the new Image button. By clicking this button, a text area appears that you can enter your reply message there.
  • Smart Dates
    Will change time formating to "2 hours ago", "3 days ago", and so on. If you don't like this format, you can disable it in your profile.
  • Skype
    If you have a skype ( account, you can specify it in your profile to make it visible to other users. For example, look at the bottom of this post for Image button that is linked to my skype account.
  • Footnote BBCode
    Enables you to easily insert footnotes with your posts using BBCode tags
  • User BBCode
    Enables you to refer an user in your post using BBCode tags. For example, [user]Kambiz[/user].
  • Animated New Message Icon
    Will display a blinking orange "new message" icon if there are new private messages, a non-blinking orange "unread message" icon if there are unread private messages, and the standard icon if there are no unread messages. Also, instead of indicating the number of new messages it will indicate the number of unread messages (the number of new messages is still indicated in the alt message).
If you found any bug, please report it in this topic.

Thank you!
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