Component like Excel

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Component like Excel

Postby onlytk » November 11th, 2005, 8:05 pm

Hi everybody, i want to do a program with a form with a TList and a StringGrid (something like that) and when a user select one item in the List the StringGrid should show x rows with y columns with values, and if the user select another item the Grid shoud show anothers values with x rows and y columns, ......... so a think its simple with a data base but i'd save in a file the items and the values with relation to every item and open the file like a project. I dont know where to start to program that someone can help me with one example or ideas????.

Maybe there are a component like the Excel work, with sheets and every sheet have a Grid with your own values, if exist a component like this please tell me, thanks for the answers to this post. :D
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