How to implement this code in Delphi

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How to implement this code in Delphi

Postby kavkaz23 » July 18th, 2018, 6:18 pm

Hello board! Please point me to the right direction. I have some VBA code (from Excel) and I want to implement this code in Delphi (actually C++Builder, but I'm fluent in Delphi, so). How to go about it?

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    Set http = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
    http.Open "GET", "https://d." & sourcer & "x/feed/f_1_" & dayzone & "_" & timezone & "_ru_1", False
    http.setRequestHeader "X-Fsign", "SW9D1eZo"
    fs_input = http.ResponseText

Thus far I have the following.

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  WideString source(lbSource->Items->Strings[lbSource->ItemIndex]);   // TLabelBox lbSource, ''
  WideString dayzone("0");
  WideString timezone("3");
  WideString url("https://d." + source + "/ru/x/feed/f_1_" + dayzone + "_" + timezone + "_ru_1");

  TStream* response = new TStream;
  TNameValueArray headers;                // how to http.setRequestHeader "X-Fsign", "SW9D1eZo"

  NetHTTPRequest1->Get(url, response, headers);   

  delete response;

I'm stuck! But I know I'm close to my goal.
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