Install third party components in Delphi XE4

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Install third party components in Delphi XE4

Postby Sindhilz » June 26th, 2016, 8:25 pm


I've just started using XE4 which I upgraded to a long time ago from Delphi 5 which I carried on using because I was so used to it.
My problem with XE4 is in installing third party components that I would like to continue using.
I'm sure it should be easy but I've been struggling like someone trying to beat a three card trick merchant.

Where should I store the Pas files for the third party components?
If I install them into a new package, where should that package reside?
Where should I save my programs so that I don't receive error messages like
"Can't find newbutton.dcu"?
I would like to do what is necessary using the default XE4 setup.
Thanks for reading

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