DBGrid's ScrollBar Problem

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DBGrid's ScrollBar Problem

Postby bruno_pascal » October 15th, 2013, 12:21 am

Hi everybody !

I'm having a problem with dbgrid's scrollbar . It turns out that when data is loaded into dbgrid and I click just one time on the vertical scrollbar to see data below , the pointer "skips" from the first to the last record. This is undesirable for me because I would like to click on the scrollbar and it would show row after row like the previous button and next button I have created.

Anyone in this forum would be able to give me a concrete solution to this problem? Is it a bug? Is it missing something in the design time ? What code could be implemented to solve this?

Thanks to all

Additional details

Components(Delphi7) :

Zconnection (mysql)

- Connection : Zconnection
- SQL : Select * from contacts

DataSetProvider - DataSet : ZQuery

ClientDataSet -ProviderName : DataSetProvider

DataSource -DataSet : ClientDataSet

Dbgrid -DataSource : DataSource
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Re: DBGrid's ScrollBar Problem

Postby fck » March 27th, 2014, 7:03 pm

I saw that nobody responded to your query yet. I made a quick test, and it react as described. That is if you click in the space between the scroll indicator and the top or bottom scroll buttons. However if you click on the scroll button, top or bottom, it only moves the cursor by one record. Also, when you scroll with the mouse button, it moves one record up or down. (This does require a line or two coding due to a problem in windows, mine is XP. If you need advice, please ask). According to my test, it reacts as one would expect it to be, unless I did not understand your issue correctly.

NS My database is Access, but I would think that is not important.


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