What is Delphi?

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What is Delphi?

Postby wmdino » February 25th, 2004, 1:47 pm

I have a general question for anyone. Basically, what is Delphi? I used to be an active Pascal Programmer many years ago and when Delphi first came out I wrote it off as a "database only" language. Most of my programming requirements are for real-time process control where I have to manipulate input/output address directly on plug-in cards to control external events.

1) Does Delphi allow you access to I/O and memory addresses, generate or respond to interupts, etc.?

2) Does Delphi supply application programs which will generate source code for creating the user interface? (Like Borland C++ builder, etc.) In other words, can I create screens, buttons, etc with a "drag and drop" type of architecture or will I have to write code directly to accomplish this task?

I looked at some of the source code from the freeware on this forum and was impressed. I may have missed the boat these last few years as it seeems that Delphi may allow me to get back into a variant of the language I enjoy (Pascal).

Thanks in advance.
- Bill
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Postby Johnny_Bit » February 25th, 2004, 6:18 pm

wow, tahat was true ROTFL of year.

Do you know that delphi is older than C++ Builder? C++ builder was based on delphi. Besides, if you know good C++builder, then i can ensure you that with delphi you should have no problem. (ofcourse version 7 and earlier). You just need to look at some demos and you can start making true fast program, that can do practicly everything you want

1. Yes, big YES
2. YESS and that was idea taken from delphi to C++ builder
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