how to get the fastest speed

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how to get the fastest speed

Postby Wardlow » August 2nd, 2007, 3:22 am

I C++ if you go to Project >>options under optimizations you can select optimze: generate fastest code possible.

Is therea button like this in delphi?

I download microsoft's C++ express. I also I have borlands C++. What takes 1 minute to do in borlands C++ takes about 1 second is microsoft's C++ express edition.

I'm not really worried about increasing the speed of C++. I'm intersted in increasing the speed of delphi. But is mircosoft faster than borland?

I then go to borlands help and type in release build. It gives me information on how to make a release build for visual C++. I DON'T HAVE VISUAL C++. WHAT A CHOP SHOP
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